Portable Music…oh the bliss :-)

Like many others in the United States of America and the world I decided that I wanted to be able to tote around my 300+ CD library. So, after doing some researching and wheeling and dealing and wondering why I didn’t jump at deals on TechBargains.com, I finally went out and purchased a 20 gigabyte iPod from J and R for under $300. How did I do this you ask? Well, I jumped on a deal they had with Audible.com for $100 off the iPod with a year subscription to Audible — two books on tape for $20 a month? You can’t beat it 🙂
So what am I doing with my iPod you ask? Well, downloading MP3 sermons from IBC’s Sermon Site, downloading books from Audible for my long car trips and my music library and playlists for going to the gym, driving around, and riding the metro.
Now, you might say, “Did your parents buy this for you?” No.
I bought my iPod before Thanksgiving and have been loving having it around since. I highly suggest the new 3rd generation iPods, you should check them out 🙂


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