Have you ever wondered about the responsibilites that you have in life? Have you ever shirked them?
People rarely notice when they shirk their responsibilites in today’s society, in fact they typically expect others to do for them what they could not do for themselves due to their personal lack of responsibility and laziness.
For instance, a few months back Simson Garfinkel wrote a piece dealing with harddrives being thrown away that weren’t formatted, cleaned or f’disked in any way shape or form. Rather the user would just make a copy of it and toss the other thinking nothing of it. A few weeks later when they started seeing things come up on their credit card bills, demanding to find out how their information and identity had been stolen only to begin to realize just what a mistake they had made…throwing something out that seemed so natural, yet full of so many secrets.
Beyond that though, personal responsibilty deals with venues that have nothing to do with personal gain and finances. Rather this has to do with one’s personal excellence and being willing to take control of your own life, striving to acheive things far beyond your own basic reach. Of course most people aren’t willing to take that step of knowledge and risk. When they face a challenge they try their basic human response or try to use their technical genius (or lack their of) and then quickly turn and run, blaming their problems on someone or something else since it’s not so user friendly and mindnumbing that they cannot get it to operate with the flip of a switch.
Why do I raise this point you might wonder… I guess you could say that it’s a personal issue that I’m working through. Trying to understand why people that are relatively “smart” can be so lazy and not willing to experiment and try to fix things when they don’t go exactly by procedure. Why it is that people that are gifted with brain power simply just sloth through life, doing nothing more than the bare minimum. These are those people that know that they have brain power, however since they haven’t practiced it in the past five to ten years or more, they simply talk louder thinking, “I must be right… I was always right in the past.”
I have but one thing for you egotistical morons. Get over yourselves and start working. Pull your weight and gain some respect once you have a clue and know something.


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