Day 6: Has the Gravity Constant Changed

After skipping out on the gym yesterday to go to a web development design meeting, I decided to meet up with my trusty friend Dave at the gym to work “legs”. No this does not mean that we’re sitting there at the gym oggling legs, trust me my loyal readers this means that we’re doing things that just are plain stupid. Yes, that’s right, we’re doing all sorts of leg exercises to build up muscle and definition so that we can be like Hans and Franz (oh how I miss those two on SNL).
After a week of working out though, I can definitely say that I’m starting to feel the muscle return in my legs. Though it is also somewhat disturbing when doing squats and you’re able to do one and a half times the weight that you did the previous week and you haven’t really done anything. So what does this mean? Next week I should be squating somewhere in the neightborhood of 170 pounds (being safe and going 20 under my 150% rule). Who knows, in six months I might be on SNL.
Alas, after that I returned back to the city… it was quiet… too quiet. Leaving me to blog and eat and eventually sleep. Of course I haven’t completed all of these tasks yet as I’m still awake t-y–p—i—-n——g….snoooreeee….this note right now.
All seriousness aside though, wait, all humorousness aside, let’s get to the facts, day 6 of House back on weights, if we can reach day 70 before July 30th, I think we’ll be in good shape. No really, we will be.
Aight, nuff said.


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