Day Four: My Calves Ache…

Well, a week ago Thursday I finally decided enough is enough and I’m cutting sodas out of my diet. Why you ask? Just because, it’s wasted calories and too many sweetners and heck, caramel colored stuff is just plain bad for you (no, I have no scientific information to back this, just a gut feeling).

So what does that mean? “House, whatever are you drinking these days?” Well, I’ve found that Ocean Spray’s White Cranberry Strawberry juice blend is quite magnificent. Not only does it make me smile because of the intoxicating taste, but it definitely has some cosmic healing powers as well.

But beyond that, not much has really been going on ‘cept that I joined the base gym this week and have gone all four days. Needless to say, my muscles aren’t recovering quite as quickly as they did in high school and college. What’s disturbing is that usually I wouldn’t feel the tightness until a week or so later… with this it’s usually two days later that the stiffness and tightness sets in. So you could definitely say that the people I work with got a laugh out of me barely being able to walk around today because my calves were so stiff. Essentially, we’re working one or two major muscle groups a day, today was biceps and back day… let’s just say that my back feels great, yet painful to stretch…

Nonetheless, and this is completely off topic, I’m working on a web site for my nephew, Zachary Isaac. For now, I’m afraid that the closest that you’re going to get to him is by going out to Centreville to see him in person.


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