Have you ever wondered about the responsibilites that you have in life? Have you ever shirked them?
People rarely notice when they shirk their responsibilites in today’s society, in fact they typically expect others to do for them what they could not do for themselves due to their personal lack of responsibility and laziness.
For instance, a few months back Simson Garfinkel wrote a piece dealing with harddrives being thrown away that weren’t formatted, cleaned or f’disked in any way shape or form. Rather the user would just make a copy of it and toss the other thinking nothing of it. A few weeks later when they started seeing things come up on their credit card bills, demanding to find out how their information and identity had been stolen only to begin to realize just what a mistake they had made…throwing something out that seemed so natural, yet full of so many secrets.
Beyond that though, personal responsibilty deals with venues that have nothing to do with personal gain and finances. Rather this has to do with one’s personal excellence and being willing to take control of your own life, striving to acheive things far beyond your own basic reach. Of course most people aren’t willing to take that step of knowledge and risk. When they face a challenge they try their basic human response or try to use their technical genius (or lack their of) and then quickly turn and run, blaming their problems on someone or something else since it’s not so user friendly and mindnumbing that they cannot get it to operate with the flip of a switch.
Why do I raise this point you might wonder… I guess you could say that it’s a personal issue that I’m working through. Trying to understand why people that are relatively “smart” can be so lazy and not willing to experiment and try to fix things when they don’t go exactly by procedure. Why it is that people that are gifted with brain power simply just sloth through life, doing nothing more than the bare minimum. These are those people that know that they have brain power, however since they haven’t practiced it in the past five to ten years or more, they simply talk louder thinking, “I must be right… I was always right in the past.”
I have but one thing for you egotistical morons. Get over yourselves and start working. Pull your weight and gain some respect once you have a clue and know something.


Day 6: Has the Gravity Constant Changed

After skipping out on the gym yesterday to go to a web development design meeting, I decided to meet up with my trusty friend Dave at the gym to work “legs”. No this does not mean that we’re sitting there at the gym oggling legs, trust me my loyal readers this means that we’re doing things that just are plain stupid. Yes, that’s right, we’re doing all sorts of leg exercises to build up muscle and definition so that we can be like Hans and Franz (oh how I miss those two on SNL).
After a week of working out though, I can definitely say that I’m starting to feel the muscle return in my legs. Though it is also somewhat disturbing when doing squats and you’re able to do one and a half times the weight that you did the previous week and you haven’t really done anything. So what does this mean? Next week I should be squating somewhere in the neightborhood of 170 pounds (being safe and going 20 under my 150% rule). Who knows, in six months I might be on SNL.
Alas, after that I returned back to the city… it was quiet… too quiet. Leaving me to blog and eat and eventually sleep. Of course I haven’t completed all of these tasks yet as I’m still awake t-y–p—i—-n——g….snoooreeee….this note right now.
All seriousness aside though, wait, all humorousness aside, let’s get to the facts, day 6 of House back on weights, if we can reach day 70 before July 30th, I think we’ll be in good shape. No really, we will be.
Aight, nuff said.

What is Life?

ave you ever sat down and just started wondering about what might seem to be the most simplistic things, only to go into such complex detail that you begin to see that you know very little about something that a moment before seemed so basic? For instance, most people look at car tires and they think, bouncy things that let cars drive. When in reality there’s so much more to those tires. They’re complex dynamic systems that if not properly taken care of will tend to explode.
Yes, explode. If you’ve ever driven on I-95 and seen someone on the side of the road where it looks like there are tire shreds everywhere, this person most likely just suffered such an explosion due to overheating of the tire causing increase pressure when the tire itself was worn so thin that it could do nothing else.
But other things. For example, the potato peeler. Yes, the potato peeler. Another thing you might laugh and scoff at me for thinking that this is a complex device, but if you’ve ever had to peel a pototo with a parring knife or a spoon you’ll definitely agree with me. The physics behind the potato peeler are quite astonishing. Using just a simple knife to peel a potato, you generally have to exert pressure with your thumb to make sure that the blade moves forward the way that you would want it to travel in. If you’ve tried this, and you have strong hands like I do, and you’re really pushing as hard as you can, you end up squishing your thumb as it gives more leverage to the knife causing great pain.
So how does the potato peeler help us? Well, it has a slit that is a surrounded by two angled blades, with two sharp edges. These blades help to cut into the skin of the potato and scalp it. The more pressure you put on the potato peeler, the deeper you plunge the blades in, but the cool thing is that usually you don’t have to use quite as much effort or press your thumb against the back edge.
Yes, I’ll admit that this is quite an odd topic.
Sunglasses – they’re just tinted lens. Or so you think.
First off, yes, they’re tinted, but not just some coating painted on – though this is known to happen with Foakley’s that you might buy in NYC. Usually to get the coating done correctly the lens will be placed in a high pressure vacuum and the coating will be melted and evaporate onto the glass. This special coating though, as mentioned before, it’s not just paint. It keeps UV light out of your eyes… “Obviously that’s due to the color of the tint.” Wrong. The coating itself keeps the light out by blocking and reflecting the particles of light in the UV spectra from ever entering your eye. Then there’s polarization – pretty cool effect of rotating light through a lens until only the light you want coming through comes through…But enough physics lessons for today, more come tomorrow.
Look out for that potato peeler 😉

Day Four: My Calves Ache…

Well, a week ago Thursday I finally decided enough is enough and I’m cutting sodas out of my diet. Why you ask? Just because, it’s wasted calories and too many sweetners and heck, caramel colored stuff is just plain bad for you (no, I have no scientific information to back this, just a gut feeling).

So what does that mean? “House, whatever are you drinking these days?” Well, I’ve found that Ocean Spray’s White Cranberry Strawberry juice blend is quite magnificent. Not only does it make me smile because of the intoxicating taste, but it definitely has some cosmic healing powers as well.

But beyond that, not much has really been going on ‘cept that I joined the base gym this week and have gone all four days. Needless to say, my muscles aren’t recovering quite as quickly as they did in high school and college. What’s disturbing is that usually I wouldn’t feel the tightness until a week or so later… with this it’s usually two days later that the stiffness and tightness sets in. So you could definitely say that the people I work with got a laugh out of me barely being able to walk around today because my calves were so stiff. Essentially, we’re working one or two major muscle groups a day, today was biceps and back day… let’s just say that my back feels great, yet painful to stretch…

Nonetheless, and this is completely off topic, I’m working on a web site for my nephew, Zachary Isaac. For now, I’m afraid that the closest that you’re going to get to him is by going out to Centreville to see him in person.