Weather Outlook…

Okay, so maybe I was spoiled this past week while on travel, but come on now, it was in the 80’s down in Florida and sunny every single day. Then I come back to this monstrosity? It’s 43 degrees outside and drizzly most of the time. The reasons for staying in Virginia are dwindling quickly.

Sure, I admit that Virginia has some cool aspects about it to… for instance, when was the last time that Jacksonville Beach, Florida received two feet of snow crippling the roads in and around the metro city for a week? When was the last time that Jax Beach, FL had temps in the upper 70’s with heavy rains and tornado warnings and then snow the next day? Looking through the Farmer’s Almanac, it’s been a while since it snowed down there… my guess being never, but then again, what do I know?

So there you have it folks, here in Northern Virginia, rain and drizzle, highs in the forties… Oh well, good thing that I’m going back to Florida next month and the month after that and that too…

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