Do You Remember The Time…

Yahoo! News is running a story entitled: Study: False Memories Easily Implanted.
It really starts to make me wonder how often we have memories and thoughts implanted into our cerebral neural networks by politicians, corporations and consumer groups. For instance, the study reports how people are often asked if they remember Bugs Bunny at Disney World and apparently quite a few people said yes. Now, this leads us to two different theories – a) people are honestly having memories implanted into their minds, or b) people are friggin’ stupid.
I remember in college, sitting in the back of a religious studies course and a gal wearing a sorority t-shirt turned and asked me, “Which war was it that we dropped the nuclear bomb on Japan, world war one or two?” This alone leads me to believe that my assertion that the majority of people in the US are “friggin’ stupid.” My apologies to those of you that might be offended by this theory, but I’m sure that you’ll let it go in five minutes when you’re back to playing your X-box or watching your reality television programs.
“Well maybe that was just the sorority girl that didn’t know,” you might say in defence of the rest of the population.
This brings me to my second thought on the stupidity or lack of education of America is when I begin seeing studies and papers published on things that should be common sense to society. Sure, I admit that PhD candidates are running out of different paper topics, but I’m starting to wonder about them as well.
So why this incessant ranting? Actually no reason whatsoever, I’m just curious to hear what you all think.
Day after day I hear how our children’s education is far better than what it was ten years ago. I agree that there are many new technologies out there, but I don’t think that there are any new innovations in teaching core subjects of history, english and language to be quite honest. Sure, we might have activities that are online, but what use is that when all that students want to do is sit and talk on instant messenger or play online games?


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