Microsoft offers CD and DVD

Microsoft offers CD and DVD copy-protection
New Scientist: “The software lets media companies tailor digital rights management by putting a second, protected, layer of data on disks” – of course it’s essentially like opening up your chest and selling your soul to the devil. Oops, did I say that aloud? My bad.

Seriously though folks, if you read about this, it’s pretty funny the way Microsoft says, “Oh we have the solution. We can make it so that the music files will only play on our software.” Gee, does that sound like a monopoly? Somehow I doubt that Microsoft would share the source code. Granted, with enough Linux and Mac folks out there, I doubt that this will live all that long considering that with all the pressure Microsoft is under right now about things like this, it simply won’t be tolerable.

Nice try Microsoft! 😛


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