Sparkling Pearls…

Study Shows Oscillating Power Toothbrushes Superior
In Reuters: Science – Well, that settles it for me. I’m going to go and buy one of the Braun 3D Excel motorized toothbrushes and leave it hanging out of the side of my mouth at all times. I figure that will cut down on cavaties and any chances of needing another root canal.

Of course, this brings up the subject of what sort of health effects might be involved. For instance, there have been studies of some motorized toothbrushes actually chipping away at the enamel of teeth (apparently this is an issue in the sonicare line). Plus, there’s also the issue of powerlines being near your gums. But hey, as long as it would gaurantee a sparkly white smile everyday, I’d be willing to take the risk 😉


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