Study: Speed of Gravity, Light

Study: Speed of Gravity, Light Match
AP Science: “Einstein was right. The speed of gravity matches the speed of light, according to astronomers who took advantage of a rare planetary alignment to measure one of the fundamental forces of nature.” – It would seem that once again we have a brain buster on our hands dealing with Physics. It boggles my mind to think of light moving at 186,000 miles per second as it is, but then to think that perhaps little gravitons (yes, yes, I realize that they have yet to really be observed in the lab) are flying along at the same speed, pulling as they go, in different cluster lattice structures, thereby having different densities.

So in this article, there is the mention of “experiments” being on the way. I’m curious just what sort of experiments might be on the way. Last time I checked, it was slightly unethical and highly frowned upon by those that be, to smash a planet or two together or fling one around a sun or some other highly powerful body. Seriously though, my guess is that these experiments will be dealing with the analysis and interpretation of lots and lots of data from telescopes measuring the arcs and angles and intensities of stars in the sky.


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