Bolt Your PCs Down!

Lock Down Those PCs: Four New Windows Worms Are On The Loose
In TechWeb – It would definitely seem like someone out there is trying to piss me off. Yes, I know that my mother would cringe if she read this, however it’s true. There are four viruses running around out there. What does that mean to me? Basically that friends, family and associates at work are probably going to “contract” this virus on their computer thinking that the e-mail attachment from their friends that they haven’t heard from is probably a letter or a family picture or something of that nature. The next thing that happens is a week later they’re starting to wonder why their computer doesn’t work as fast as it did and they start asking questions about why they’re getting these bills for things that they didn’t pay for. So much for information security. Please use common sense when you’re opening attachments, maybe even take the time to get the latest antivirus definitions (signatures/updates) and run them on your PC so that you’re not shaking your head at yourself next week.


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