And now for something completely different…

While driving to work this morning I had yet another “moment” as you might call them. It was quite interesting to say the least as I started thinking about the way that XM radio and other things work and how it would be so cool if each car had a MAC address that it could use to communicate over some sort of network to other cars and what not with. Just think of the things that you could do – access e-mail on the road, download streaming music via some nutella like network, play Yahoo! Pool, chat with friends through instant messenger, get into car accidents and blame it on bad ping.

Of course, in doing this, and making it mandatory that every vehicle had such a device I’m sure that civil liberties groups would be up in arms, granted I would be too. So there would of course have to be some way to do a MAC ID spoof :o)

In other news, I’m trying to figure out some way to have a Perl script do all my work for me at work so that I can simply arrive, read TCP-IP Illustrated (Stevens) and relax. Alas, things are not this way. Perhaps Timmy, my simian kung foo coder friend and compadre, will be able to advance in both knowledge and strength and be able to reach the keyboard to perform said duties for me :o)


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