TCP/IP Protocol Suite

How sweet it is… the TCP/IP protocol suite that is. It’s incredible that something dreamed up nearly 30 years ago to give the military the ability to have redundant networks has grown into something that is so incredibly cool. With TCP allowing for error redundancy and making sure that the data is “good” and IP pushing things along at nearly warp factor 9, it’s amazing that people have tried to say that protocols such as UDP are better. Granted, UDP is pretty stinkin’ fact but when you’re not even getting anything back to let you know that it got there, me thinks that there’s something wrong with that.

In other news though, it’s pretty cool reading about SLIP, CSLIP and PPP and seeing just how different the protocols are and how PPP shall rule them all. If anything it definitely makes me thankful that I’m not having to use this slow interface – yay for Cable Modems. The only downside of the cable modem of course being that when everyone else in the neighborhood is on you sure can tell :- But then again, with DSL, at least with Verizon, most of their customers are constrained to PPPoE which is in my opinion cool but at the same time a very very bad thing :-

Alas, this brings up the reason I think I’m going to put a FDDI network in my apartment :o)


One thought on “TCP/IP Protocol Suite

  1. I was just Googling for information about IP and this came up in the new Google Social Search. Awesome! Can you believe how far we’ve come from DSL and dial-up? Verizon FiOS screams. I never imagined I could download things so fast.

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